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Every project we undertake begins with a free site survey. During the consultation with the client the best options for their particular needs are outlined. All the details of the job are carefully noted and taken back to the workshop.

Every job is made to measure to your specifications in our fully equipped workshop by our experiences staff. There are no third parties involved just you, the customer, and us, so you can rest assured that everything will be correct to the agreed specifications.

We source the finest quality materials for each project to ensure you get a durable product that functions quietly and effortlessly.

Here at Stylish Homes we use a unique bottom weighted system. This means that the weight is all on the bottom track. Other systems commonly use a top hung system where all the weight hangs from the top track. This can put a lot of pressure on the fixings which can lead to alignment problems or even complete failure of the system.

Another problem that commonly afflicts other systems is the issue of condensation, especially in winter with warm air hitting cold glass. The condensation then runs down onto the floor requiring constant mopping or wiping of the floor.

We have developed a unique system to overcome this problem. We install a special condensation collection tray which feeds the collected water from the inside to the outside.

Not satisfied to rest on our laurels we are constantly making improvements to our system. Recently we have upgraded the profile which is fixed to the glass to allow it to run on the tracks.

As you can see we have upgraded to a deeper profile to give a larger surface area for glueing to the glass. This gives an improved bond for better performance.

Once your glass curtain system is completed it is transported to you in our specially fitted-out van to ensure that all the components arrive to your home undamaged exactly as they left the workshop.

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